Liberian Lone Starlette:Saran Kaba Jones

With today being International Women’s Day I found it only appropriate to feature the powerhouse that is Saran Kaba Jones. In being recognized by , rubbing shoulders with numerous celebs, and finding her own non-profit organization, Mrs. Jones is truly a force to be reckoned with. At the age of eight, like a lot of us, Saran was forced out of Liberia due to the civil war. In 2008, it was the first time she had returned to her native since leaving, and was devastated by what she saw. The country she was born in was unrecognizable. Buildings were in shambles, roads were destroyed, and electricity and running water was nonexistent.
Coming from a family of public servants, Saran immediately felt the urge to assist in helping the country she once lived a happy life in. In January of 2009 FACE Africa was born. The purpose of the non-profit organization is to provide access to clean drinking water, and help alleviate the problem of contaminated water in most especially the rural areas of Liberia. Since its beginning FACE Africa has granted clean water to tens of thousands of Liberians. On March 23rd the organization will be hosting its 4th Annual Clean Water benefit Gala at Espace NYC. If in the NYC area I wouldn’t miss it.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Jones a few years ago during a visit to Liberia where she hosted “The City” star Whitney Port concerning an African cotton project. Side bar: Whitney later launched a fashion collection where it is reported she gained inspiration from her LIB trip. See post here.
Saran is not just an activist, she is also a fashion maven. She has been featured on numerous fashion blog and magazines due to her show stopping style. Check out some pics below.  


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