What To Wear: New Year's Eve


My People hello oh! As I've stated, my new job had got me wrapped around it's little finger and therefore my posts have been on hold, and I am so sorry about that.

I've been so busy, that I didn't even have the time to put together my own "What To Wear" collection(s) (and I LOVE doing that). *Sigh*. With that said here are some New Year's Eve outfit ideas from the mother of all fashion blogs Fashion Bomb Daily. If you all are planning on going to the Black Out Party at Volume Bar like I am, this outfit above is def something that will get you noticed. If not, then please enjoy some other fabulous looks to wear while ringing in the new year. Please ignore the coats, as we all know there is no need for them in tropical LIB!

Stay safe and I wish you all the best in the new year!

Count Down to Christmas: Six Great Gift Ideas for Him

A man can never go wrong in an African shirt. Make his a little different from a funky colored lappa with great embellishment,

A bow tie made from country cloth or lappa always makes a bold statement. Get a cool one like this from Piso Collection,

A man loves a great graphic tee. Check Tru Vision Clothing to see what they have in store for the man in your life.

Bongani Jewels have recently hit Liberia and have been on a lot of people's wish list this year. These wrist pieces are very desperate, and will have your man showing ultimate style.


Add some African detail to a jacket, or use it to make fly accessories like this ascot around his neck.

Get your guy some custom made leather shoes. This way no one in the country, or world will have something like his. For more info on where to get these made just shoot me an email.

Count Down to Christmas: Six Great Gift Ideas for Her


 As Christmas gets closer and closer it's time for all of us to narrow in on what to purchase for our loved ones. Many of us look forward to this holiday to see what it is that we are going to receive, but remember Christmas is mainly a time for giving. If you are a friend of my Facebook page you have been seeing my posts on Liberian made fashion and products. This post reveals six great Liberian made gift ideas for the females in your life. I will also be doing a post about six great gift ideas for him in the next few days to come. I chose six and six to equal to twelve gift ideas for the twelve days a Christmas. What do you guys think? Is that clever, or what? LOL!

The first gift idea pictured above is lappa or cloth. This is perfect for her, for if you do not necessarily know what her style is, she can just take the fabric and make the outfit of her dreams.

 Ladies in your life will be more than proud to wear the first ever African made perfume. Especially since the perfumer is a Liberian. Royalty perfume by Tammie Garr. Hit her up on Facebook for more details.

Every Monrovia girl needs a good tote bag, even more so one that is made out of real leather, crocodile, or snake skin. For an exclusive piece like this or others, place an order at It's Archel.

For beautiful hand made necklaces, earring, and cuffs check out  Adal Jewelry.

Every girl longs for flawless skin. Bluffa Jo Cosmetics has exactly what she is looking for though its extensive line of makeup and skin care products.

If your girl likes to be a little edgy from time to time, yet still likes to convey African flare then Free People Rebellion is the perfect accessory line for her. She will be a true show stopper from here on out.

Monrovia Fashion's Night Out


Fashion's Night Out has hit Monrovia for the first time, and I for one am more than excited to see what is in store. Fashion's Night Out is a global initiative that will be held on December 20, 2012 at 7pm with the intent of promoting and selling Liberian made fashions. Though this event is traditionally held in a clothing or accessory store of some type, we in LIB always do it different. Hence the reason the event will be held at the ultra plush Polo Lounge on Robert's Field Highway. Come and enjoy a chic night of fashion and buy something too. See you there.

AFG November Feature


Hey there! I know I posted this late, but make sure to check out my November article for African Fashion Guide here. Let me know what you think!

Sweet Liberia: Marvelous Marshall


I was finally able to make it to Marshall this weekend to see the greatness that is Libassa Ecolodge. This quaint little place is tucked away deep in the forest of Marshall, and is like nothing I have ever seen before. The resort prides its self in being 100% eco-friendly and was built using only materials that were found in the surrounding areas. Libassa offers villa style guest rooms, a full service restaurant, a swimming pool, golf course, and access to the beach and private lagoon. For more info visit Libassa Ecolodge on Facebook.

Zutin: Well Dressed Liberia


Hello My People. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately. I started a new job this week and I am still trying to get used to working full time and blogging. This post features "Well Dressed Liberia", an online store in LIB that caterers to plus sized clients. The store offers beautiful ball gowns as well as a variety of other types of dresses. For more info make sure to visit them on Facebook.

What to Wear: November 29th

What to Wear: November 29th

Ok My People, November 29 is just a few days away, so we all know what that means. DRY SEASON IS HERE! The 29th is the official beach day here in Liberia, and I look forward to this every year. Hopefully most of us have been working on our beach bodies this rainy season and are ready to show them off. For this post I chose this exquisite body hugging fishtail maxi skirt. Just because it is long does not mean that it is not sexy especially when paired with a bikini top like what I have here. Chunky jewelry always makes a statement, and adds to that beachy look. Unfortunately, we know that in Liberia holidays are not only a time of enjoyment, but also a time when the rouges are rampant. With this said I suggest we wear bags that can be worn close to the body like this yummy pink shoulder bag that is totally on trend. Top your look off with a pair of desperate sunglasses and you are ready for Tubman’s b-day. Have fun, I know I will!  

Walk About: The Liberia '77 Exhibit


This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Liberia ’77 Exhibit at the National Museum. The event showcased photos of pre-war Liberia taken by a Canadian family that lived here in the 1970’s. The father of the family was a photographer in his day, and his sons are carrying on the tradition. The two brothers visited post-war Liberia 2 ½ years ago and was sadly surprised about what the war had done to our beautiful home. This is when they decided to launch Liberia77.com which displays their family pictures from the 70’s and also allows others to add their own pics of Liberia before the war. Being the photography and history lover that I am I had a wonderful time.
Appearances were made by Monrovia City’s Mayor Mary Broh and the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Hon. Louis Brown. Below are some of my fav photographs from the night. Check out more at the link above.

The brothers then

The brothers now 

Relda Movie Theater

The rooftop pool at Ducor Hotel

The Ducor Hotel


My own photo of Broad St. If only the city could look this peaceful and calm in the daylight...

Fashion Trends Created by Africa, Adopted by the West


This post features fashions that I believe, and that most will agree originated in Liberia (or Africa as a whole) and through the years have found their way to the Western fashion industry. For the longest time "they" tried to make us feel that we were inferior in so many ways, but now-a-days the world has changed and we are the ones inspiring the way "they" dress. The picture above reveals an African print dress. There is no explanation needed here, it's too obvious for words.

The wrap skirt is something I believe was inspired by what we know as lappas. Just like how women of Liberia wrap cloth around themselves the same idea is applied here.

The head-tie (or turban) has been worn by the queens of West Africa for generations.

Print on print is a huge trend in the West right now. Just a short time ago wearing an outfit with the same print from top to bottom came off as being too busy, noisy, or dare I say tacky. The most beautiful lappa suits have always been print on print.

The straw bag our ancestors would make in the villages for both work and play have been a favorite of many handbags designers for the past couple of decades.

Liberian fashion, we create it, they duplicate it.

Walk About: Lila Brown


Hello My People! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This past Saturday me and a couple of friends went to the new spot in Mamba Point (directly across from Mamba Point Hotel) known as Lila Brown. This bar-lounge is truly something special, and is rumored to be open until 5am on a good night. The roof top sitting area allows for the most amazing breeze and view of the Atlantic Ocean. The DJ spins for an international crowd and keeps the tunes coming. The thing I enjoyed the most were the drinks (wink, wink). Though, they are pretty expensive for the Liberian market they are very unique in taste a variety. The last pic is of some "ice shots" that were brought over to our table by the owner. Good times!