What to Wear: November 29th

What to Wear: November 29th

Ok My People, November 29 is just a few days away, so we all know what that means. DRY SEASON IS HERE! The 29th is the official beach day here in Liberia, and I look forward to this every year. Hopefully most of us have been working on our beach bodies this rainy season and are ready to show them off. For this post I chose this exquisite body hugging fishtail maxi skirt. Just because it is long does not mean that it is not sexy especially when paired with a bikini top like what I have here. Chunky jewelry always makes a statement, and adds to that beachy look. Unfortunately, we know that in Liberia holidays are not only a time of enjoyment, but also a time when the rouges are rampant. With this said I suggest we wear bags that can be worn close to the body like this yummy pink shoulder bag that is totally on trend. Top your look off with a pair of desperate sunglasses and you are ready for Tubman’s b-day. Have fun, I know I will!  

Walk About: The Liberia '77 Exhibit


This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Liberia ’77 Exhibit at the National Museum. The event showcased photos of pre-war Liberia taken by a Canadian family that lived here in the 1970’s. The father of the family was a photographer in his day, and his sons are carrying on the tradition. The two brothers visited post-war Liberia 2 ½ years ago and was sadly surprised about what the war had done to our beautiful home. This is when they decided to launch Liberia77.com which displays their family pictures from the 70’s and also allows others to add their own pics of Liberia before the war. Being the photography and history lover that I am I had a wonderful time.
Appearances were made by Monrovia City’s Mayor Mary Broh and the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Hon. Louis Brown. Below are some of my fav photographs from the night. Check out more at the link above.

The brothers then

The brothers now 

Relda Movie Theater

The rooftop pool at Ducor Hotel

The Ducor Hotel


My own photo of Broad St. If only the city could look this peaceful and calm in the daylight...

Fashion Trends Created by Africa, Adopted by the West


This post features fashions that I believe, and that most will agree originated in Liberia (or Africa as a whole) and through the years have found their way to the Western fashion industry. For the longest time "they" tried to make us feel that we were inferior in so many ways, but now-a-days the world has changed and we are the ones inspiring the way "they" dress. The picture above reveals an African print dress. There is no explanation needed here, it's too obvious for words.

The wrap skirt is something I believe was inspired by what we know as lappas. Just like how women of Liberia wrap cloth around themselves the same idea is applied here.

The head-tie (or turban) has been worn by the queens of West Africa for generations.

Print on print is a huge trend in the West right now. Just a short time ago wearing an outfit with the same print from top to bottom came off as being too busy, noisy, or dare I say tacky. The most beautiful lappa suits have always been print on print.

The straw bag our ancestors would make in the villages for both work and play have been a favorite of many handbags designers for the past couple of decades.

Liberian fashion, we create it, they duplicate it.

Walk About: Lila Brown


Hello My People! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This past Saturday me and a couple of friends went to the new spot in Mamba Point (directly across from Mamba Point Hotel) known as Lila Brown. This bar-lounge is truly something special, and is rumored to be open until 5am on a good night. The roof top sitting area allows for the most amazing breeze and view of the Atlantic Ocean. The DJ spins for an international crowd and keeps the tunes coming. The thing I enjoyed the most were the drinks (wink, wink). Though, they are pretty expensive for the Liberian market they are very unique in taste a variety. The last pic is of some "ice shots" that were brought over to our table by the owner. Good times!

What to Wear: Leather in Liberia

What to Wear: Leather in Liberia

A major Fall/Autumn trend in the West right now is leather. Some of the most popular leather pieces worldwide are leather jackets, leather boots, and leather pants. Although these are both chic and timeless items, unfortunately Liberia’s warm climate does not allow for us to wear them. I know you are probably thinking I don’t care if I get hot I want to look sharp, but the truth is even if you have on the most fabulous leather jacket in Africa, you will just look silly. Leather pieces (mainly black) automatically look “cool” as in they should only be worn when it’s cold.
This does not mean that we cannot wear leather at all in Liberia, it just means that you have to be smart when it comes to choosing and wearing leather. I have chosen some leather looks here that are perfect for us Liberian girls. Notice how I chose items that are in bright colors. These items look “warm” and therefore can be worn in the warm weather. I suggest that the black leather skirt I picked be worn ONLY AT NIGHT. Everything else can be worn any time of day. Also, consider that there at different types of leather, suede, patent leather and vegan leather just to name a few. This way you can diversify your looks.

Everything that I featured here are products from the West, but we all know that we can find wonderful leather items in Waterside and in DK. Its Archel also makes beautiful made in Liberia leather products.
P.S. The item list carries some very expensive items. In no way am I suggesting that you get pieces as expensive as these, they are just examples, and honestly only a small population of people in the WORLD can afford them. I am not one of them…LOL!

Beauty Tip: Healthy Lashes

If you know one things about Liberian girls you know this, we like false eyelash business! With the spread of "falsies" hitting the world we all pretty much know the rules in wearing them. As fabulous as they look, and as much as we love them, it is imperative that we also look into the dangers that come along with them. With that said here is a list of things to consider:

  • Since adhesive is applied directly to the skin and sometimes difficult to remove, this can result in irritation to the eyes and tear ducts.

  • Know what is in the adhesive you are using in order to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

  • If used too frequently strip false eyelashes can cause your natural eyelashes to fall out and result in permanent baldness.

  • You should never sleep in falsies for there is a danger that the glands in your eyelids may be blocked and can cause infection.

Yes, we all want lashes for days, but it is uber important to ensure the health of the eyes that they help in making look fierce!

Fashion Trend: Racy Red


 The color red has been all the rave since New York Fashion Week. Though I am not a fan of the color I know many are, so I have found some lovely African inspired red looks for your viewing pleasure. The above picture is of earrings made of Ankara fabric. This might look familiar, for I have featured the Liberian/Amerian brand Free People's Rebellion here before. Enjoy!

Kreyann'- Cameroon

Cote Minou- Cameroon/America

Korto Momolu- Liberia/America

Suakoko Betty- Liberia/America

Boxing Kitten- America

Liberian Naturalista: Julia Toles


1. Tell us your name and where you are from

 Julia Toles, [from Liberia] lives in Indiana, occasionally Chicago as well.

2. What is your profession, and is your hair considered a positive or negative in your field?

Currently a struggling free lance producer. My hair is just an added bonus for my profession because it signifies creativity and freedom.

3. How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for almost two years.

4. How do you style your hair?

I usually wash,condition and twist at night (chicken pupu style) when not in braids and take out in the morning.

5. What is your hair regimen?

Products really matter and until I started to use the right one I had to twist every night. It really just depends on your hair texture to find the right products.When I take my hair out, I wear it as is.

6. How would you describe your personal style?

I am the definition of boho/hobo/ chic! I love to incorporate loose fitting, statement jewelry to my everyday wear.

7. What advice do you have for others that are considering going natural?

Being natural is definitely a lot of work! Don't give up though find the right methods that work for you! I promise you won't regret it..and there is so much you can do with natural hair.

What To Wear: Dry Season 2012/2013

What To Wear: Dry Season 2012/2013

Ok all you fyne geh dem! Dry Season is fast approaching, so it is time to start preparing ourselves for the beach and sun. This "What to Wear" post shows some essentials for looking and feeling sexy this summer. A floppy beach hat is something that every girl needs to be fashion forward as well as protected from the harsh rays of the sun. I also added a chic umbrella, and sun block to the mix to assist in doing the above mentioned. Neon was a huge trend in the West during the Spring time months, so now that we will be in warm weather I suggest we jump on the bandwagon. Cat eye sunglasses made their debut in the 1950's and 60's and have made a major comeback in our era, so make sure to add these to your shopping list. I love this bikini due to the fact that it is reminiscent of a print you would find on a lappa down Waterside. Though the sun will add a little color and a glow to everyone body shimmer will help in giving you a little extra boost of bronze. I already did a post about orange lips so no explaining there. Lastly, a straw beach bag is imperative in not only holding your items, but also in keeping them dry in the occurrence of a big wave hitting the sand. Dis Dry Season weh nah be e-say!


Walk About: Halloween 2012


These are pics from the Nightmare at 107 Costume party I posted about. The night was full of fun, frights, and fiascos and it was all accepted graciously. I went as a Video Vixen, hence the leotard, big hair and tons of blush.

I was so excited to see how many people actually dressed up in costumes due to the fact that Halloween is not a holiday that is really celebrated in LIB. Can you guess who was who? Have fun with it!