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Liberian designed accessory collection based in Hyattsville, MD, USA. Check Out Damey's Collections on Facebook now.

What To Wear: Easter Sunday


So is everybody ready for Easter Sunday? As a child I really loved this holiday with the Easter Egg Hunts at school and the beautiful Easter baskets my grandmother used to custom make for me. Now, Easter is a time for praise, worship, family and food!
The above Tulip Dress is from one of my fave Liberian brands Suakoko Betty. I love the cinched waist and of course the print pattern that is revealed here. The cut and shape are more than appropriate for a morning at church where you can be made to feel classy, comfortable and modest. Spice up a look like this with eye-catching yet minimal accessories, a fun Easter color inspired manicure, a pink pout, and an amazing fragrance. I received this Viva Rock perfume as a birthday gift, so I can say first hand that it smells wonderful. Pick one up today at Elle on Broad St. Happy Easter in advance!
What To Wear: Easter Sunday

Fun Times in LIB: My Birthday Party


 Here are a few pics from my birthday party week before last. The occasion was held at Volume Bar where the night consisted of bottle popping, pouring up, turning up, and straight partying. It was not for chirren, and the next day was a doozy whooooooooo! Fun times! For more pics click here.

Walk About:Checago Bright Foundation Charity Fundraising Gala


The Checago Bright Foundation will be holding its First Annual Charity Gala this Saturday March 30, 2013. The red carpet will begin at 6:30pm at Bella Casa Hotel located on 3rd St. Monrovia, Liberia. The foundation has been doing amazing work here in the country most especially in the rural areas where they have volunteered their services in installing latrines for local villages. For more info about the The Checago Bright Foundation click here.
So, as excited as I am about this event I am even more excited to zuit! Traditionally at a gala most are seen in formal wear ( a ball gown or cocktail dress). If you’re like me and wondering what to wear to this extravaganza here are some helpful options I have been considering.

 The above dress is made by Marazetti  which I think is to die for. Visit them at one of their two locations at Center and Carey Streets or at RLJ Kendeja Resort for your fitting today.

Mango Rags located on Camp Johnson Rd. can make you something fab like their “Goddess Dress” pictured here, in just a couple of days. I always go to them when I need something made in a short amount of time.

Sorayah Laurice has been making beautiful gowns and dresses for years, and always makes sure to add that extra bit of edge in their designs. This veteran fashion house can also be found on Camp Johnson Rd.

Another great places to get a formal dress or gown is on the right side of McDonald St. right next to Monrovia Tyre Center. They have some great slightly used items. I not shame to wear DK oh! And neither should you. Also, check out Well Dresses Liberia who I did a post about a little while back. Happy shopping and make sure to say hi if you are going to be at the gala!

Liberian Entertainment: Pretty Jues Entertainment Group


To all my fyne jue dem looking for a way to break into the LIB entertainment scene your opportunity has arrived. Pretty Jues Entertainment is a management agency targeting talented young girls and woman interested in advancing themselves in the area of entertainment. If you sing, rap, model, dance, act, you name it, this is the agency for you.

Seeing this come to life is a dream come true for Founder Musulyn “Sweetz” Myers who has been featured here on the blog before. Being a young Liberian entertainer herself her mission is to shape, assist, and inspire young females in becoming professionals in their careers through sisterhood. Jues (a slang used for a fine woman or girl here in LIB) will be able to work towards reaching their full potential by honing their craft, and being educated about what it takes to stay ahead in such a competitive and cut throat business.

I am truly proud of Sweetz for taking on such a tremendous and well needed project in helping to change the stereotypes that most young Liberian women carry, and giving them the exposure they have been looking for in the most positive light. Make sure to check out the Facebook page here.

Pretty Jues Entertainment will be hosting a talent call this Saturday March 23, 2013 at the YMCA where I’m happy to say I will be one of the judges. Want more info about Saturday? Leave a comment below.

Liberian Beauty: Cachelle Natural Hair Salon


 Being Natural sure is fabulous, but it sure ain't easy. We natural girls are always looking for edgy, classic, and creative ways to style our hair, and as much as we love it, it can easily become a hassle at times. I can honestly say that sometimes I don't feel like co-washing, deep conditioning, or detangling my natural tresses, and wish that there was someone else to do it all for me. Well, if you're like me in this regard your prayers have been answered.

Cachelle Natural Hair Salon, the brainchild of Shoana Cachelle Solomon is the first fully natural hair and makeup center in Monrovia, Liberia. The salon prides itself in ensuring that clients leave with a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to properly care for and maintain one's natural image. While providing a relaxed atmosphere and professional service all styles are created by using mostly all natural hair products in order to promote beautiful and natural living. The salon is now carrying a special offer where in the month of March you get 50% off on Wednesdays. Only a couple of weeks left so hurry in!

Cachelle Natural Hair Salon is located on Airfield New Road at the C.I. Creative Arts Center and is open from 9am-7pm. For more information click here

I want to also shed a little light on C.I. Creative Arts Center where I serve as a Ballet Instructor. The mission of this much needed center is to "provide an exciting, safe and structured atmosphere for children and young adults offering the highest standard of programming for their education and enrichment. We are committed to ensuring that our programming is accessible to all including the underprivileged."

I can honestly say that the center is a magical place. When visiting Liberia in the summers as a child I longed for a somewhere like this. To find out more about C.I. Creative Arts Center click here.

What To Wear: Your Birthday Party

My birthday is next week and though I feel like I’m getting older I know that the older I get the closer I get to what I really want out of life. My party is going to be fab and I want to be just was fierce. Originally I planned for my party colors this year to be silver and pink, so I decided to base this collection on the same accord. If your B Day is coming up soon keep in mind to wear something that will stand out from the crowd. You can either do a sequence number like this, or wear a color that you know nobody would likely wear. As “princess for the day” I prefer to sport a dress, but one can look equally as sexy in almost anything once you have the confidence to pull it off. Edgy jewelry will always be an attention grabber. If opting for a bold eye like I have suggested here, make sure to keep the lips neutral, and vice versa. If you know me, you know I LIVE for a statement manicure. I’m still concocting what to do to my nails for the big day! Lastly, top your look off with fragrance that will last all night and keep reminding you how special you are.

What To Wear: Your Birthday Party

Liberian Lone Starlette:Saran Kaba Jones


With today being International Women’s Day I found it only appropriate to feature the powerhouse that is Saran Kaba Jones. In being recognized by Forbes.com , rubbing shoulders with numerous celebs, and finding her own non-profit organization, Mrs. Jones is truly a force to be reckoned with. At the age of eight, like a lot of us, Saran was forced out of Liberia due to the civil war. In 2008, it was the first time she had returned to her native since leaving, and was devastated by what she saw. The country she was born in was unrecognizable. Buildings were in shambles, roads were destroyed, and electricity and running water was nonexistent.
Coming from a family of public servants, Saran immediately felt the urge to assist in helping the country she once lived a happy life in. In January of 2009 FACE Africa was born. The purpose of the non-profit organization is to provide access to clean drinking water, and help alleviate the problem of contaminated water in most especially the rural areas of Liberia. Since its beginning FACE Africa has granted clean water to tens of thousands of Liberians. On March 23rd the organization will be hosting its 4th Annual Clean Water benefit Gala at Espace NYC. If in the NYC area I wouldn’t miss it.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Jones a few years ago during a visit to Liberia where she hosted “The City” star Whitney Port concerning an African cotton project. Side bar: Whitney later launched a fashion collection where it is reported she gained inspiration from her LIB trip. See post here.
Saran is not just an activist, she is also a fashion maven. She has been featured on numerous fashion blog and magazines due to her show stopping style. Check out some pics below.  

LL Tip: How to Tackle Oily Skin


When first moved home I thought it was the extensive amount of humidity in the country that caused my skin (mostly my face) to produce so much oil. I later found out that even during the rainy season I had the same problem. Come to find out I’m just oily. Us oily girls have to pay extra attention to our skin. Although oily skin tends to age better and develop fewer wrinkles than dry or normal skin, it doesn’t mean we want to go around looking like a grease ball. The first ingredients to the recipe of flawless skin, no matter the problem is properly cleansing and toning your skin each morning and night. Others include using powder based make-up verses oil based, and not using a moisturizer. This is un-called for.

Below are some products I use to prevent the amount of oil my skin produces. I will also shed some light on some cool natural ways to handle the problem.
I have been using this product since high school and it is one I intend on using for as long as it stays on the market. These sheets of greatness are used by patting the oily areas of the face. When finished you face will look perfectly matte, and you can literally see the amount of oil that has been removed from the skin right there on the sheet. Kind of gross, but atleast it leaves you feeling pretty. Visit Ritter Pharmacy on Broad Street and get yourself a pack today.

Egg-white masks are said to firm the skin and soak up oil. Mix one teaspoon of honey with an egg white and stir well. Then add just enough flour to make a paste. Apply the mask to your face, avoiding the eye area. (Be careful not to ingest any of the egg mixture.) Let it dry for about ten minutes, then wash it off with warm water.


I LOVE this product! Before applying your makeup dab Mary Kay Oil Mattifier on the oiliest parts of your skin. This will leave your face oil free for up to 8 hours a day even if you are using an oil based foundation. Grab yourself a bottle at Me Skin Care on 10th St. in Sinkor.

Mango face masks help to dry and tone the skin. To make the mask, mash a mango until it turns into soft pulp, massage it into your skin, leave it on to dry for a few minutes, then rinse off. It is said to help unclog the pores.

Walk About: The Bongani Jewels Event


Last Thursday I was invited to the Bongani Jewels S/S 2013 Collection Event at Cafe Royale. The night was filled with luxury jewels, beautiful people, and free WINE! I had a chance to speak with the 21 year old designer and CEO, Sebastian Thempler to get a view of where it all started. The Danish creator has been based in Ghana for quite a while now, and since moving there truly became inspired by the Ghanian's love for jewelry making. Just three short years ago Thempler decided to start making his own jewelry and today it is a major success. He informed me that the pieces that were being showcased were taken out of the vault the same morning of the event. We who were there were the first to ever lay eyes on the unique collection. Bongani has distributors in certain parts of Africa (Liberia is one of them) and is hoping to expand rapidly in the next year. For more info on this one-of-a-kind luxury product click here.

The Bongani Team: Tania (Promoter), Sebastian (CEO), Archel (Promoter), Musa (Distributor)

Just little ol' me getting my blogger thing on. All photos taken by me!
Top- Forever 21
Ankle Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- Michal Antonio
Accessories- Gifted
Bag- Gifted