Liberian Entertainment: Pretty Jues Entertainment Group

To all my fyne jue dem looking for a way to break into the LIB entertainment scene your opportunity has arrived. Pretty Jues Entertainment is a management agency targeting talented young girls and woman interested in advancing themselves in the area of entertainment. If you sing, rap, model, dance, act, you name it, this is the agency for you.

Seeing this come to life is a dream come true for Founder Musulyn “Sweetz” Myers who has been featured here on the blog before. Being a young Liberian entertainer herself her mission is to shape, assist, and inspire young females in becoming professionals in their careers through sisterhood. Jues (a slang used for a fine woman or girl here in LIB) will be able to work towards reaching their full potential by honing their craft, and being educated about what it takes to stay ahead in such a competitive and cut throat business.

I am truly proud of Sweetz for taking on such a tremendous and well needed project in helping to change the stereotypes that most young Liberian women carry, and giving them the exposure they have been looking for in the most positive light. Make sure to check out the Facebook page here.

Pretty Jues Entertainment will be hosting a talent call this Saturday March 23, 2013 at the YMCA where I’m happy to say I will be one of the judges. Want more info about Saturday? Leave a comment below.


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