Fashion Trends Created by Africa, Adopted by the West

This post features fashions that I believe, and that most will agree originated in Liberia (or Africa as a whole) and through the years have found their way to the Western fashion industry. For the longest time "they" tried to make us feel that we were inferior in so many ways, but now-a-days the world has changed and we are the ones inspiring the way "they" dress. The picture above reveals an African print dress. There is no explanation needed here, it's too obvious for words.

The wrap skirt is something I believe was inspired by what we know as lappas. Just like how women of Liberia wrap cloth around themselves the same idea is applied here.

The head-tie (or turban) has been worn by the queens of West Africa for generations.

Print on print is a huge trend in the West right now. Just a short time ago wearing an outfit with the same print from top to bottom came off as being too busy, noisy, or dare I say tacky. The most beautiful lappa suits have always been print on print.

The straw bag our ancestors would make in the villages for both work and play have been a favorite of many handbags designers for the past couple of decades.

Liberian fashion, we create it, they duplicate it.


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