Beauty Tip: Healthy Lashes

If you know one things about Liberian girls you know this, we like false eyelash business! With the spread of "falsies" hitting the world we all pretty much know the rules in wearing them. As fabulous as they look, and as much as we love them, it is imperative that we also look into the dangers that come along with them. With that said here is a list of things to consider:

  • Since adhesive is applied directly to the skin and sometimes difficult to remove, this can result in irritation to the eyes and tear ducts.

  • Know what is in the adhesive you are using in order to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

  • If used too frequently strip false eyelashes can cause your natural eyelashes to fall out and result in permanent baldness.

  • You should never sleep in falsies for there is a danger that the glands in your eyelids may be blocked and can cause infection.

Yes, we all want lashes for days, but it is uber important to ensure the health of the eyes that they help in making look fierce!


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