Liberian Lone Starlette: Stephanie Salamartu Duncan

This month's Lone Starlette is a buddy of mine that has been making huge efforts here in Liberia through her many philanthropic activities. Check her out.

1. Tell us your name and what you do

"My name is Stephanie Salamartu Duncan.  I like to consider myself a social entrepreneur.  I am the Managing Director and partner to Elite Staffing Agency, a Liberian owned Human Resource Company.  I’m also the founder of The Association for the Advancement of Liberian Girls (AALG), a Liberian registered Non Governmental Organization established as an advocate for the advancement of Liberian females
through education, philanthropy, and social activities."

2. How do you maintain a positive work/life balance (fun, marriage,
motherhood, personal relationship, friendships)?

"I have an unbelievable passion for life because of my personal relationship with God and my unconditional love for my two daughters. Being a single mother has helped me to stay focus and strong.  As I’ve learned, life can be tough at times.  However, I know the tough times are only a test of my faith and are a testament to my strength.  I maintain a positive work and lifestyle by staying true to my character and not dwelling on things and/or people who has the potential to derail me from my goals."


3. How would you describe your fashion style?

"The best way to describe my fashion style is “simple” glamour.  I love simplicity; not a lot of makeup, jewelry, accessories, etc.  I focus on a part of my body I love the most (my legs) and I find a tactful to make it a part of my fashion.  I love the simple glamour of the 1940s and 50s (a pencil skirt, a fitted jacket or blouse, with a three inch heels/pumps).  That era had all the ingredients of simplicity and glamour:  sexy, elegant, and professional.  Women were comfortable showing their silhouette in a classy manner."


4.  How do you think you can inspire young Liberian girls with similar goals and ambitions like yours?

"The ultimate inspiration is to encourage others to believing in
themselves.  I have a passion for life which I don’t mind showing that side of my behavior  to young Liberian girls, whether it’s through my work, my relationship with others, and most especially, how much I believe and love myself.  As a mother and a mentor, I encourage Liberian girls, including my daughters, to always believe in themselves and live life with little regrets.  As long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, don’t ever be afraid to live out your dreams."


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