Count Down to Christmas: Six Great Gift Ideas for Him

A man can never go wrong in an African shirt. Make his a little different from a funky colored lappa with great embellishment,

A bow tie made from country cloth or lappa always makes a bold statement. Get a cool one like this from Piso Collection,

A man loves a great graphic tee. Check Tru Vision Clothing to see what they have in store for the man in your life.

Bongani Jewels have recently hit Liberia and have been on a lot of people's wish list this year. These wrist pieces are very desperate, and will have your man showing ultimate style.


Add some African detail to a jacket, or use it to make fly accessories like this ascot around his neck.

Get your guy some custom made leather shoes. This way no one in the country, or world will have something like his. For more info on where to get these made just shoot me an email.


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