Zutin: Moie Clothing and Accessories

 Today's Zutin posts features the brand Moie which was created and is currently designed by former Miss Liberia Patrice Juah. The word Moie is a short way to say designer in the dialect that is spoken by the Kpelle tribe here in Liberia.

While at Monrovia's Fashion's Night Out (I promise to post those pics soon) I had the chance to meet Ms. Juah as she showcase her designs. My favorite of her assortment of clothes, jewelry and bags were the one-of-a-kind head dresses like the one pictured below. These masterpieces are made in a way wear you do not have to worry about tying them. They are crafted for you to just put them on and go. Take that turban trend!

Moie prides its self in being bold, colorful, elegant, daring, and aims to bring the queen out of every woman. For more info hit up the Moie Facebook Page.


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