LIB Graces Big Brother Africa StarGame

"Its Our Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime"! Yup its official Liberia has finally made it to Big Brother Africa StarGame. Out of the over 50 couples that were interviewed the above pictured Lukuly Dakinah 26 and Yadel Nimley, 22 were the ones who made the cut. With "Luke" being an entrepreneur and Yadel being an entertainer the two are ambitious in putting LIB on the map through this once in a life time experience.

I'll be honest this is my first time watching the show, and its only because Liberians are in the house. My opinion is that the show could use some editing. The fact that the cameras are rolling eventhough sometimes nothing is happening can get boring at times. The contestants can smoke weed on there which is kind of way big up to Luke and Yadel. Read the interview of the two at Front Page Africa


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