LIB Music on the Rise

The first ever compilation of Liberian Music has been released to the world. HipCo (Liberian Hip Hop) artist Chief Boima presents "Lone Stars Vol. 1: HipCO& Gbema". Chief Boima worked with the African music association Akwaaba which is dedicated to African music and pop culture.

According to "Hipco is hip hop sung in colloquial English, the form of English you hear on the streets of Liberia. Although colloquial English retains a lot of English syntax, it can be a bit daunting at first because it is spoken very fast, many consonants are not pronounced, and a lot of words are borrowed from other local languages. But it has become the language of choice for young rappers. And much like hip hop, hipco has grown into its own culture, with its own lifestyle, dance moves and music. Today hipco often refers to more than just a type of rap, it’s a way of life".

Want to see what the album has to offer? Listen to some of is here


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