Korto Momolu Showcase at 2013 International Inaugural Ball


Ok so I know President Obama's inauguration was a while ago, but there was no way I could pass up on putting up this post. Better late than never right? WHUR 96.3 and Inner Caucus Entertainment hosted the 2013 International Inaugural Ball on Jan. 19 at L'Efant Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC. Our jew Korto Momolu showcased some pieces from her SS 2013 line, which I first wrote about here. Here are some of my favs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

A Few of My Hair Crushes


I have found time to get in a quick post. YAY! This post showcases some ladies with locs I long for. Having been a Naturalista for over three years I am still awaiting the day I am satisfied with the length, texture and volume of my hair. Its getting there slowly but surely. Check out these natural divas!

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Solange Knowles

Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Teyana Taylor

Walk About: The Dumboy Festival


This trip took place last month just before the holidays officially began. Myself and a group of friends took a road trip to Grand Bass County for the Dumboy Festival. We spent one night in Buchanan City where we ventured to the only club in town known as Black and White Night Club. After waking up to splitting headache and nausea from the festivities from the night before all I wanted was a big bowl of dumboy and soup.

For those of you that do not know, dumboy if pounded cassava (very similar to Fufu). It is usually eaten or should I say swallowed? With soup and other fixings such as bene seed, okra, whole pepper, and a splash of lime. After eating our guts full, my friends and I had a splendid time on Edina Beach where we got to by boat. I LOVE LIB! 

 Our chimp at the guest house. I named him Chimpy. Free Chimpy!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dumboy

 The Fixings

Zutin: Moie Clothing and Accessories


 Today's Zutin posts features the brand Moie which was created and is currently designed by former Miss Liberia Patrice Juah. The word Moie is a short way to say designer in the dialect that is spoken by the Kpelle tribe here in Liberia.

While at Monrovia's Fashion's Night Out (I promise to post those pics soon) I had the chance to meet Ms. Juah as she showcase her designs. My favorite of her assortment of clothes, jewelry and bags were the one-of-a-kind head dresses like the one pictured below. These masterpieces are made in a way wear you do not have to worry about tying them. They are crafted for you to just put them on and go. Take that turban trend!

Moie prides its self in being bold, colorful, elegant, daring, and aims to bring the queen out of every woman. For more info hit up the Moie Facebook Page.