Zutin: Zabba Designs

Zabba Designs is the creation of Miami, Florida based Liberian Mai Bradley, and has been taking the world by storm one (African) print at a time since 2010. The company’s mission is “to make women feel glamorous and elegant in African Clothing regardless of body shape and size”. The label strives in doing so by merging contemporary forms of the West with the colors and prints of West Africa.
Yes, I know, there are various brands out there providing the “African Print, Western Style” look, but what makes Zabba Designs different is that they do not just provide clothing, their products expand to handbags, clutches, bangles and earrings too. All of which can be found in African Lace, Ankara, Masai, and Kente cloth. “Zabba Designs is a movement that is set on painting the world in a kaleidoscope of bold, vibrant color combinations and dazzling patterns.”
Here are some of my fav picks. Visit them for more here.


  • Mohammad Salauddin

    Wow, just wonderful design here. very good print and fabrics.

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