Liberian Lone Starlette: Sang Kromah

On a rainy Saturday a few months back I attended an event with the purpose of highlighting Liberian artists and entertainers. Amongst many others, I had the chance of meeting a silent yet drop dead gorgeous beauty with the name Sang Kromah. A short time into your acquaintanceship, it was revealed to me that Sang was not just a model (and singer if I'm not mistaken) as I had previously gathered about her, but this copywriter, editor, and former Seventeen Magazine intern is also the Young Adult Author of the Concealed Series.

It is said that as a child (and my guess is still) Kromah had quite the imagination. While growing up in a small suburb in Maryland, USA her mind would cultivate strange yet intriguing stories based on the fables her parents would speak of from Liberia. In 2011 Sang's first book titled Concealed was published. To stay out of the spoilers zone let's just say the novel is about a strange girl with an even stranger ability. This natural born story teller has conveyed that writing Concealed is her biggest achievement by far, yet still plans on writing an entire series of books around the plot of it.

I don't know about you, but I have surly added reading this book on to my 'To Do List'. Copies of the read can be found on For more information on Sang and the Concealed Series click here


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