Beginning this Monday Hetitage 1960 will be hosting the above event during Social Media Week Lagos. This virtual think tank will consists of four online panel discussions and will offer a diverse group of change agents from the continent and the diaspora.

One of the chosen speakers is Liberia native Chid Liberty, co-founder of the brand Liberty & Justice. As Africa First Fair Trade Certified apparel company they pride themselves in sustainable development and social justice, with inspiration stemming from The Liberian Women's Peace Movement.

With so many brands and individuals offering so many wonderful products and services why not have them all on the most convenient (well in most countries) place on Earth? The internet. This forum will offer an open platform of dialogue and innovative action for your benefit. If you are hoping to break into the fashion industry and are finding a hard time doing so, this think tank is what you have been looking for. If you are interested in this (and you know I am) all you have to do is go online via Google Hangouts on Heritage 1960's  Google + Page. For more information click here.


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