Zutin: Siatta Jeans

Today's Zutin post features Siatta Jeans, a New York based company established in 2005. Siatta, a Liberian native and lover of fashion and denim decided to embark upon this journey due to the low supply of jeans for curvy women. The company carries jeans from size 0 to 18, and deliver "high quality made especially for a chic, savvy, sophisticated and confident woman. The org. also plans on expanding their product line to include loungewear, handbags, jewelry and accessories in the near future. Sitatta Jeans can be found in Monrovia, Liberia at Siatta Style Boutique, and at retails locations in Ghana, and certain states of the U.S. East coast.

What I love most is that Siatta named some of her jeans after some of the counties of Liberia. For more info about Siatta Jeans click here

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