Walk About: The Liberian Fashion After Hours Event

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ok I am so hype right now because after almost a month of trying to put these pictures up I have finally succeeded! Yes, LIB living is fabulous, but the Internet can be your worst enemy sometimes over here. The country is to be receiving fiber optics this year, and I for one cannot wait.

These are the pics from The Liberian Fashion After Hours Event (a shopping event with the goal of raising funds for the FWA Foundation) that I hosted on Dec. 22, 2011 (hmm...side eye). None the less they are here for your viewing pleasure. The event was quite a success despite the late attendance of guests and some vendors due to the riots that days (look it up I don't promote negativity on here). The event raised about $1,000USD for my family's non-profit organization.

Am backed up post wise and the job of a blogger is to always stay current. Hmm well I'm a baby blogger with slow Internet, so I hope you all will bare with me as I grow. New/Old posts coming soon!

 My Mommy at our little booth




The Free Mani Station

Liberian R&B Singer Sweetz

Fashionable People of the Night

Me and my "stay fly friend" Fabio.This was my very first attempt at mixing patterns and I really enjoyed the look.

Hi Mommy!



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