Braid My Hair

Hello Loves! So, this post focuses on the braided styles that I put my hair in when I'm a little tired of tending to my natural crown. The following pics will show styles that I have had over the last year which are always and forever will be done by my hair stylist Ruth. She is the owner of Elegance Beauty Salon and Spa located on Capitol Bye-Pass. The pic above shows how my hair is braided currently. Excuse the "kitchen" in the back of my head. The style is a couple of weeks old.

The styles you will see here are pretty bold, for I like drama when it comes to how I look. The thing I love most about Ruth is that when I come up with these styles in my head, she is able to bring them to life looking exactly how I pictured them. She's pretty much a genius when it comes to hair styling of any kind. If you are interested in contacting Ruth for looks like these, or even something a little less daring just leave a comment and I'll be happy to send you her contact.

April 2011

July 2011

December 2011


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