Date Change for Nappturality Party at The Ocean House


To all of my Naturalistas out there this is for you. The Nappturality Party at The Ocean House is now to be held on SUNDAY APRIL 1, 2012. The schedule of events is as followed:

3:00 Mix & Mingle (refreshments served)
3:30 Welcome
3:35 Icebreakers
3:50 My Hair Story
4:00 Hair Talk
4:45 Natural Hair styles (projection)
4:50 Timed Styling/makeover (partners)
5:30 Photoshoots
6:00 Event Ends

Please keep in mind that space is super limited as of yesterday. If you want to make it to this one of a kind event please register your name and contact at

Sweet Liberia: Bangin' Gbarnga (The G is Silent)


My fabulous friends surprised me with a trip to Kpatawee Waterfall for my birthday the weekend of March 17th (my bday is March 18). This gorgeous gift from God is located 3 hrs. out side of Monrovia in Bong County. We spent the night at Paulma's Guest House in the city of Gbarnga and partied at Serengeti Night Club until 4am. The weekend was filled with food, laughs, drinks and awesome friends. We drove ourselves in a 5 car convoy, but tours are available if you are interested in visiting. For tours to Kpatawee Waterfall visit Bare Foot


Walk About: Couture on the Blue Fashion Show


Hello Loves! So sorry for my lack of posts lately. I have been preparing for the "Couture on the Blue" Fashion Show where I will serve as the Event Coordinator. The show will feature high end Liberian made designs for both men and women and will be held at the Golden Gate Hotel on April 7, 2012. Tickets are being sold at Exclusive Super Store(Sinkor), Stop an Shop Supermarket (Sinkor), and ERA Supermarket (Sinkor). You can also get tickets by calling me at 088-626-6027. Ticket prices are $20 for regular admission and $50 for VIP which include champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Red Carpet starts at 6pm on the day of the show. Hope to see your there and tell a friend!

Walk About: Miss Liberia Pageant 2012


It's that time again! The Miss Liberian Pageant will be held at SKD Stadium on March 31, 2012 at 7:30 pm. According to E Buzz " The organizing committee of the “Miss Liberia 2012 Beauty Pageant”, CTCOM, has disclosed that despite delays in the budgetary support to this year’s beauty extravaganza, the group noted, the event is sure to be a grand success."

This will be my first time attending the pageant since 1997, so I am super excited to see what is to be offered. See 6 of the 13 contestants pictured below.

Liberian Naturalista: Your's Truely


Hello All! So, I have decided to add yet another new topic to the blog known as "Liberian Naturalista". These posts will showcase Liberian women with natural hair. I have decided to start off with myself. The above pics show my hair growth since 2009.

1. Tell us your name and where you are from

-My name is Chiquita and I live in Monrovia Liberia by the way of Silver Spring Md (USA)

2. What is your profession, and is your hair considered a positive or negative in your field?

-I am a hospitality specialist, blogger, and entrepreneur. Now that I work for myself I am able to rock my hair as I please. When I was an employee my boss and co-workers would look at me like I was a crazy person some times due to the way my hair was styled, but I kept confident and loved myself no matter what.

3.  How long have you been natural?

-I have been natural since the Fall of 2009 (3 years this August)

4. How do you style your hair?

-When I first BC (big chop meaning cut my relaxed hair off) I would wear my hair short and very coily. As it grew I started to go to natural hair blogs and You Tube to learn how to take care of it. I am a huge fan of twist outs, but when my hair becomes a hassle I will throw it in a creative braided style for a while.

5. What is your hair regimen?

-I wash my hair with shampoo maybe once a month. Every Sunday I Co-Wash (wash my hair with conditioner only), then deep condition it with a special mix of honey, castor oil, coco nut oil, olive oil, and hair mayonnaise. When styling I spray it with water, add leave in conditioner, and seal it with Shea butter.

6. How would you describe your personal style?

-I love fashion, so I wear it all and make it look fab!

7. What advice do you have for others that are considering going natural?

-Do not care what anyone else cares about your hair, if you love it then thats all that matters.


Events at The Ocean House


The Ocean House wants us women to pamper ourselves for the next two months, and I am so down for the cause. Starting March 14 through March 15 the guest house will be hosting a two day Yoga Retreat with Liberian Yoga experts Abigail and Eva. Check in times are between 3pm and 5pm.

On Sunday April 8th The Ocean House will be hosting its first "Nappturality Party". The event will begin at 3pm and will include sharing of hair stories, sharing of regimens, mini makeovers and refreshments for only $10 USD. I will definitely be in attendance for I am a naturalista myself, so come out and hang with me. For more information on these events or the guest house see

What to Wear: Drinks with the Girls

What to Wear: Drinks with the Girls

Hey there my beloved readers. I am so excited about all of my ideas for new additions to the blog. I have decided to give my advice on cute outfits ideas for different occasions. The post will be called "What to Wear" and we will start off with Drinks with the Girls. Keep it simple with a curve hugging dress, simple hoops, sleek clutch, and animal print shoes. I personally am a fan of coral, but if it doesn't work for you then set your outfit off with a nude lip color and bold polish.

Sweet Liberia: Charismatic Careysburg


On a beautiful Sunday afternoon my BF, his family, and I took a 45 min. drive to the relaxing Wulki Farms. A quaint resort in the small town of Careysburg, Montserrado County. The farm is a stretch of green hills and valleys that include a restaurant, pool area, small zoo and guest homes. We started out with lunch by the pool (I had the BBQ Quail), enjoyed a quick swim, and later we (the adults) took a tour of the farm to see the various animals while the kiddies went horseback riding for only $5USD for 30 mins. It was a fun day. For more information on Wulki Farms click here.

Tourism: Liberia


Liberia 101

Want to know where to find restaurants, bars and many other things in Liberia? Have a look at LIBERIA101:
The website contains a lot of useful information on activities, accommodations, practicalities in Liberia, etc.

Similar sites include Liberia Travel and Entertainment Network and Destination Liberia

Zutin: Shop at It's


Friend and fellow Liberian Blogger Archel Benard of It's has done it again. Yes, she graces us with one of a kind posts on her newly updates site, and now she has added the ability to shop there as well. Archel self shops for authentic Liberian cloth, and with design ideas in mind goes to her tailor Asata who makes them come to life. Each design is named after a person in Archel's life she feels has supported her or helped in contributing to her success. Archel is pictured above wearing the Danielle Jumpsuit. Check out my favs below and see what else she has to offer here.

The Nana's Envelop Clutch

The Rita Top

The Christine Leg Split Skirt

The Granham-Fam Apron


The Naz Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Aisha Gets Naked Playsuit